Our Story

Angharad embodies the ancient sentimental value and importance of jewellery as a storytelling artefact. Inspired by the texts of The Mabinogion, a collection of ancient Welsh mythical folklore, pieces are handcrafted from reclaimed precious metals using lost wax casting and smithing poised to undertake their own unique narrative.

The Designer, Meghan

Having spent the last 7 years living in London, Sydney, New York and Copenhagen immersing herself into different cultural environments, Meghan was drawn back to her Welsh roots in the UK and set up Angharad in 2020. Handcrafting her pieces in the midst of beautiful countryside, it is this environment along with her past travels that continue to motivate and inspire her designs every day.

Our Philsophy

Our Philsophy

The Power of Lore

Stories define who we are, where we have come from and where we are going. They have the capacity to engage and captivate, inform and inspire, unleash imagination, and evoke memory and emotion.


Utilising both traditional and modern smithing techniques, we recognise our responsibility to preserve and carry forward these ancient methods of crafting. Combining traditional crafting techniques with a conceptual design approach, Angharad Jewellery embodies an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless.

Our Commitment
to Sustainability

Creating a brand that keeps sustainability at its core, without compromising creative freedom and quality, has been a priority from the beginning.

Angharad Jewellery continues to handcraft jewellery using mostly reclaimed gold and silver in order to keep environmental impact to a minimum. We hope that our commitment to using reclaimed precious metals will reduce pollution, save resources, reduce waste going to landfills and prevent the destruction of habitats from mining new ore. This allows us to ensure we preserve and give back to the land that these magical stories are based upon, an environment that continues to inspire and motivate the creativity behind Angharad.

Our planet

Responsible Packaging

Our total commitment to the environment has extended to our packaging.

- Our boxes and mailers are made from fully recycled boxboard and are fully recyclable.
- Linen inserts are handmade and are biodegradable.
- Tissue is made from recycled pulp fibres and is fully recyclable
- Stickers are made from cellulose fibres and are compostable.

Striving for complete transparency within our supply chain, we hope this leads to greener and more ethically considered consumer choices for generations to come.